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Announcement on 27/05/19
This is to clarify a misunderstanding that was sent out from one of the InHype social media accounts this week.
The recent InHype outreach to influencers is not an element of any InHype’s existing projects or contracts. It was part of a goodwill effort to create a pitch for future business in Saudi Arabia.
InHype outreach programs are not linked to any specific campaign, brand or entity & are NOT intended for public use.
Influencers are messaged privately to be assessed for future collaboration possibilities and to insure we respect their privacy. Assessment is based on follower analysis & quality of content.

How it Works

Want to Know More?

What is a micro-influencer?

A Micro-Influencer is a user that is willing to advocate brands he/she loves for a reward in return.

Who generates the content?

There are three types of campaigns that a brand can create; Brands may provide their own ready-made content, ask for the user to create content, or request a micro-influencer to attend an event. In the case that a brand requests the user to create content...

What is Consumer Word of Mouth Marketing?

Consumer Word of Mouth marketing is word of mouth amplified. It is essentially getting your consumers/micro-influencers to talk about your brand on social media and spread your message through authentic content to the masses.

Who are the Brands?

InHype is open to all brands and those that represent them, including PR, Media, Advertising, or Creative Agencies that are looking to amplify their word of mouth.

Is there a set-up or subscription fee?

No. You'll only get charged when you purchase your Consumer Word of Mouth Campaign. It costs you NOTHING to sign-up and start building your campaign.